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No living being can live without breathing, not even a house.

To prevent the air to circulate freely inside a building and in the attic means to give the green light to the formation of humidity, condensation and mold, but above all it means to build an unhealthy environment for those who live in.

To allow the air to move freely, thanks to a ventilated roof and ridge,  on the contrary implies creating an ideal environment for life, maintaining an optimal hygrometric rate, which will avoid thermal shocks, keeping the entire building in perfect structural and aesthetic conditions.

Sudden thermal changes, due to the day-night temperature in summer and to condensation and frost in winter, can compromise the stability and duration of the roof covering and make the attic rooms uninhabitable.

To overcome the damage due to sudden thermal changes and to make the attic habitable, the only solution is to build  a ventilated construction, that allow a breath of air to flows continuously between the mantle and the individual roofing elements.

The experiments developed over 3 years, show that Cotto Possagno roofs have a very high thermal efficiency and that they are able to dispose of considerable quantities of heat, reducing by 80-85% the heat that otherwise would pass if the roof was not ventilated.

The effect of radiation, particularly in hot periods, is dampened by ventilated roofs; actually, the air in the ventilation ducts exceeds the external temperature by a few degrees at the time of maximum irradiation. Equally positive is the thermohygrometric efficiency, through the ventilation the moisture is reduced, and there is a progressive loss of the water contents accumulated in the materials during the winter phase.

Industrie Cotto Possagno through the special Ventilated Roofs Dept., provides you with a service that facilitates their design phase. In fact, the products of the “Roof Solution” solve multiple needs:

ecological and bio-architectural (through the use of materials for the most part of natural origin, characterized by a low environmental impact, in full compliance with CAM rules);

technological (with solutions for ventilation and anchoring that allow the use of clay roofing tiles even in particularly extreme and difficult situations);

aesthetic (only with the use of the anchoring and ventilation systems created and patented by Industrie Cotto Possagno it is possible to pose a roof with artful precision using clay roofing tiles);

Born from an age-long manufacturing tradition, clay roofing tiles of Industrie Cotto Possagno are today produced in modern factories, where new technological and aesthetic solutions are developed every day to transform the most beautiful Italian clays into artifacts that are the best the market could ask for.


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