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Bent tiles

Terracotta bent tiles. An eye-catching roof. Industrie Cotto Possagno was born in the land of the bent tile, the roofing par excellence. Modern technologies and production techniques, innovative ideas to improve performances, but the heart of the bent tile remains unchanged: Possagno clay and ancient knowledge. The synthesis of these characteristics become the absolute reliability of the bent tiles in counteracting atmospheric agents which is combined with an attractive and refined aesthetic.

Winter Line

Coppo con Dentello Winter Doppia Stella Alpina

Coppo Winter “a mano”

Coppo Winter Doppia Stella Alpina

Coppo Winter Montagna

Antique Tradition Line

Coppo Vecchio Scuro di più

Coppo Veneto Antico di più

Coppo Antica Possagno di più

Coppo d’Autore di più

Coppo Vecchio Chiaro di più

Plus Line

Tegola Sarda Rossa

Tegola Sarda Antichizzata

Coppino Tirolo Antico

Coppino Tirolo Antico Grigio

Coppino Tirolo con Dentello

Coppo con Dentello Rosso di più

Tegola VL Rosata

Coppo Umbro Toscano Rosato

Coppo T50 Rosso di più

Coppo Testa di Moro Liscio

Natural Tradition Line

Coppo Rosso di più

Coppo Rosato di più

Coppo Chiaro di più

San Michele Line

Coppo Marchigiano primavera con foro*

Ecocoppo classico Adriatico

Coppo classico Aragonese con foro*

Coppo classico primavera con foro*

Eco tegola Mediterranea

Coppo Marchigiano Dalmazia

Coppo Marchigiano Rosso

Coppo Marchigiano Aragonese con foro*

Embrice San Michele

Ecoembrice Adriatico

Embrice Rosso

Embrice Primavera

  • Winter Line:

    Winter bents tiles resist against frost, the weight of snow and the strength of the atmospheric agents. Such resistance allowed them to obtain the German TÜV certification and Industrie Cotto Possagno rewards them with a 50-year warranty.

  • Antique Tradition Line:

    The colours of the Antique Tradition Line of bent tiles aim at strengthening the building codes of historical sites and dwellings where the visual impact of architectural sceneries needs to be preserved.
    Every bent tile reproduces a peculiar antique effect which harmonizes with the pre-existing roofing, and merges with the particular characteristics of historical villages. Our Antique Tradition bent tiles are the perfect choice for restoration and upgrading works, with full respect of the architectural context in which they are used.

  • Plus Line:

    More resistant, more stable, more efficient: the Plus Line bent tiles are perfect to tackle the steepest slopes and endure the harshest weather conditions. The design and securing elements of the tiles in the range guarantee greater compactness and resistance, both individually and when interlocked on the roof. The result? Long-lasting and reliable roofing: a warranty, signed by Industrie Cotto Possagno, which can reach up to thirty years.

  • Natural Tradition Line:

    Traditions are part of our history and enrich our present with experience. The Natural Tradition Lineactually embodies this: bent tiles arise from the memory of the past, classic colours and beauty are brought back, revisited applying the most modern production techniques. A wise mix focused on quality and selection of clays, renewed discovery of antique housing styles and search for colours: every bent tile of the Natural Tradition Line speaks one single language made up of charm, sturdiness and freshness with the unique mark of Industrie Cotto Possagno.

  • Embrice San Michele:

    Employed since the Roman era, our Embrice tile reproduces the charm and practicality of a good-looking and functional roof. The safe downflow of rain is ensured by a large rooftop runoff band.

    Historical hamlets in the regions of Lazio, Tuscany and Umbria, besides a number of Italian churches express the easthetic fascination inspired by this kind of roofs.


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