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AEROTILE, the ventilated tile.

Industrie Cotto Possagno has always been sensitive to the environment, to energy efficiency and constructions’ quality.  AEROTILE, the ventilated tile that combines design and technology, was born thanks to the experience gained in the sector of roofing tiles and ventilated systems and to the important Life Herotile project.

With AEROTILE, the Company expresses an idea of technological innovation at the service of environment, having a special consideration for energy saving with an unlimited performance over time.

The ventilated tile is designed to make buildings more performing: its structural peculiarities make it more breathable. The high air permeability of Aerotile favors a greater ventilation and a consequent lowering of the temperature of the roof covering, reducing the phenomenon of the heat island and favoring the decrease in attic temperatures.

AEROTILE is made of materials with high solar reflectivity and high thermal emissivity, and is therefore particularly suitable for use in the Mediterranean area where intense summer solar radiation causes the overheat of roofs and walls, and consequently the overheat of the internal ambiance too. A greater ventilation helps to reduce the internal temperatures of buildings and  the use of air conditioners, favoring energy savings and reducing CO2 emissions.

In addition to the classic Rossa and Londra, characterized by the uniform red and light gray color, in the AEROTILE collection we find also Firenze and Atene models. The common trait of these new colors is the “shade of time” sensation that enrich and personalize each tile in a different way. Firenze in an antique red, with shades that range from light to dark reminding lights and shadows from the past. Atene is light, almost white, characterized from light grey shadows.

Thanks to its performing features, Aerotile is guaranteed 50 years.

A ventilated roof, particularly with the use of discontinuous elements, can be considered the best solution for the passive thermal insulation in hot climates.


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