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Roof tiles

Roofing tiles produced by Industrie Cotto Possagno represent the natural development of the roofing tile production and mark a new step in the art of roofs constructions inspired by tradition; but produced with the most advanced criteria and technologies. Cotto Possagno offers a wide range of clay roofing tile for every need and aesthetic taste, to satisfy both lovers of tradition and lovers of modernity.

Unicoppo Winter

Unicoppo Extra Winter Veneto Antico

Unicoppo Extra Winter Selezione

Unicoppo Extra Chiaro Stonalizzato

Unicoppo Extra Winter Vecchia Fornace

Unicoppo Extra Winter Rosso

Unicoppo Extra Winter Ardesia

Unicoppo Extra Winter Antica Possagno

Unicoppo Extra Winter d’Autore

Unicoppo Extra Winter Francia

Unicoppo Extra Winter Serenissima

Te.Si. Winter

Te.Si. Winter Ardesia

Te.Si. Winter Londra

Te.Si. Winter Atene

Te.Si. Winter Selezione

Te.Si. Winter d’Autore

Te.Si. Winter Serenissima

Te.Si. Winter Sorrento

Te.Si. Winter Veneto Antico

Te.Si. Chiara Stonalizzata Naturale

Ecotesi Adriatica

Te.Si. Winter Rossa


Aerotile Londra

Aerotile Firenze

Aerotile Atene

Aerotile Rossa

Ma.Xi.Ma. Winter

Ma.Xi.Ma. Winter Serenissima

Ma.Xi.Ma. Winter Ardesia

Ma.Xi.Ma. Winter Rossa


Opera Londra

Opera Ardesia Pietra

Classic Portuguese

Portoghese Classica d’Autore

Portoghese Classica Chiara Stonalizzata Naturale

Portoghese Classica Dalmazia

Portoghese Classica Testa di Moro

Portoghese Milano

Portoghese Terra di Siena

Portoghese Classica Francia

Portoghese Classica Sicilia Antica

Portoghese Classica Veneto Antico

Portoghese Classica Rossa

Classic Marseille

Marsigliese Classica Testa di Moro

Marsigliese Modello Universale Rossa

Marsigliese Classica Rossa

  • Unicoppo Winter:

    The revolutionary roofing system Unicoppo unique for quality, environmental standards and aesthetic charm, blend into the Winter range, to resist the most extreme weather conditions. Similar in beauty to a roof laid with bent tiles “coppi”, this covering guarantees high water tightness, ensured by the Unicoppo double wave and a wide sliding channel. The technical and aesthethic solutions adopted for this product enhance a perfect closing even in the crossover among several pieces, thanks to a quadruple overlap, the best of its kind.

  • Te.Si Winter:

    Highly suitable for the harsher winter climate, it has a resistance to frost at the highest level. Lasting and reliable. It is a fact: hard-wearing Te.Si. tiles last over time and they have earned a 30-year warranty. The evolution of the portuguese tiles that withstands ice, hail, heavy loads and is always successful.Easy and quick. Thanks to the innovative design conceived to highlight the refinement of lines, these tiles can be laid in record time. It takes just 12 tiles per square metre to lay the entire roof quick and safely. Te.Si. can also be laid in horizontal and vertical rows, significantly saving time and minimising installation costs.
    Safe. Te.Si. tiles have been designed taking every single detail into account: Interlocking edges guarantee enhanced water tightness and wider channels improve water draining.

  • Aerotile:

    The breathable roofing tile is the syntesis of wellness, energy saving and respect for the environment.
    Aerotile®, thanks to its innovative shape, augments the above sheathing ventilation and the energy efficienty of the house (it is 300% more ventilated than a classic portuguese roofing tile).

  • Ma.Xi.Ma. Winter:

    Elegant. Ma.Xi.Ma. is used to being admired by everyone. Its unmistakeable lines can enhance any architectural context. Classical beauty that is at once modern, outside normal patterns and beyond passing fashions.

    Versatile. Ma.Xi.Ma. is the protagonist of any type of roof, but is at its best on modern “barrel” type roofs typical of industrial sheds and buildings with a new design concept.

    Quick. Ma.Xi.Ma. snaps into place very easily and always comes up to the ridge line perfectly aligned, avoiding cutting of the last tile.

    Flexible. Ma.Xi.Ma. can be adapted to fit all of the older spline or listel systems.

  • Opera:

    For those who love the rigor of regular geometric shapes, Industrie Cotto Possagno creates Opera, a solution which completely revolutionizes the concept of “covering”, introducing on the roof the clean and essential lines of
    contemporary furnishing.

    A simple, refined and elegant solution that can be used both for the creation of minimal and modern style coverings, and for the renovation of more classic coverings, inserted in any urban context.

  • Classic Portuguese:

    New technologies and innovative tile production methods which stand for a whole tradition in building. The most common format reintroduces the value of experience, revisited from a modern viewpoint.

  • Classic Marseille:

    The Classic Marseille tile reintroduces style and efficacy of a particular construction type that contributes to our region’s charm.


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