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The ventilated roof tile.

Aerotile is the innovative ventilated tile that guarantees an improvement in the building’s energy efficiency. The high air permeability promotes a greater ventilation and a consequent lowering of the temperature of the attic: the perfect solution to save on bills and to be environmentally friendly.


The new generation of clay roofing tiles.


Tradition is already in the future.

E-coppo and E-tegola are patented photovoltaic bent tiles and roof tiles of Industrie Cotto Possagno to produce solar energy  maintaining the aesthetic appearance and functionality of the terracotta roof.



A quality roof.

A quality roof ensures the well-being for those who live in the house. It is the result of the use of a system of products all by Cotto Possagno. Choose “Tetto d’identità” and get the extended warranty.

Our references

Made in Italy
high quality roofs

Cotto Possagno bent tiles and roof tiles originate from the century-old experience of some families living in Possagno, our company has turned from an originally handicraft into one of the largest Italian groups producing clay roof tiles.
Industrie Cotto Possagno was established in 1998, with the aim of meeting the most sophisticated requirements for “quality construction”.

Discover some of our projects.


  • Cotto Possagno certifica la resistenza alla grandine dei suoi prodotti

    14 May 2024
    Test di resistenza alla grandine svolti da p+f expert, laboratorio svizzero qualificato e indipendente, hanno certificato risultati eccellenti su un’ampia gamma di prodotti Cotto Possagno.
  • At “Salone Internazionale del Restauro” exhibition with the photovoltaic tiles for restorations subject to constraints

    8 May 2024
    From 15 to 17 May at the Salone Internazionale del Restauro Exhibition Cotto Possagno presents photovoltaic roof tiles and bent tiles for the restoration of historic buildings.
  • Cotto Possagno “teaches” on Materials Matters at the IUAV University

    2 April 2024
    Last March 28th we were invited to participate in the first meeting of “Materials Matter”, a series of seminars on construction products, where we presented the historical and technical evolution of standard and photovoltaic roofing bricks, tiles and bent tiles.
  • Klimahouse 2024: great news from Cotto Possagno for the “green home” world

    31 January 2024
    Klimahouse has just inaugurated the 2024 edition, but we are already seeing great interest in the innovations from Industrie Cotto Possagno! Here’s what we present in this 2024 edition…
  • AEROTILE, the ventilated tile.

    27 October 2020
    AEROTILE, the ventilated tile that combines design and technology, was born thanks to the experience gained in the sector of roofing tiles and ventilated systems and to the important Life Herotile project.

    8 September 2020
    To prevent the air to circulate freely inside a building and in the attic means to give the green light to the formation of humidity, condensation and mold, but above all it means to build an unhealthy environment for those who live in.


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