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Mosmiery Winery

“Wine raises soul and thoughts, and concerns turn away from the heart.” [Cit. Pindaro]


    The Mosmieri winery is in the middle of the characteristic landscape of Cachezia, in Telavi (Georgia). The structure, built in collaboration with the Georgian Hospitality Investments, is part of a “wine-tourist” castle, where traditional Georgian elements alternate with modern elements. Since ancient times, the love for wine has been rooted in the culture, beliefs, and customs of the people of Georgia. Today Georgian wine is once again a discovery, especially for the peculiar vinification in clay vessels. For the roof were used Portuguese Cotto Possagno tiles adding also special pieces, such as the side tiles for a quality result both in the natural material and in the aesthetics.


    • Project:
      Mosmieri Winery
    • Location:
      Telavi, Georgia
    • Product:
      Tegola Portoghese
    • Architect:
      M. Gujejiani, G. Gogolashvili | Architects & Co Ltd

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