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E-tegola Serenissima

Main features

  • Code

  • Length

    450 mm +/- 2%
  • Width

    285 mm +/- 2%
  • Weight

    4,7 kg +/- 2%
  • Pieces per m2

  • Longitudinal pitch

    ~ 340 mm
  • Warranty

    30 years * Refers only to the bent tile, on condition that the roof mantle is laid in compliance with the UNI standardsand the Manual “Brick roof mantles” published by ANDIL, Roofing Department. For full warranty conditions, refer to the “Warranty” sheet provided in the company’s general catalogue.


Industrie Cotto Possagno combines the functionality of clay roof tiles with modern photovoltaic technology, maintaining the appearance of the roof tile practically unaltered. The result is a product with extraordinary features:
– the typical thermal flywheel properties of earthenware, and those of the waterproofing system, remain unchanged;
– fixing rods and/or tanks are not required for laying; this avoids all problems caused by infiltration and thermal bridges;
-the installed by-pass diode prevents any problems caused by moving or unexpected shade (trees, chimneys, aerials, leaves etc.);
the ventilation channel between the PV module and the roof tile makes the system less sensitive to high summer temperatures (lower temperatures imply greater yield);
-in the case of a power drop due to an irregular module, the module automatically disconnects to prevent the need for replacement. If you wish to replace it, however, the snap-on multi-contact fixtures make the operation quick and easy without the need for specialist technicians;
-finally, the system offers the advantage of to be installed on an existing roof, replacing only the square metres required without incurring additional costs for perimeter waterproofing.
The photovoltaic bent tile patented is protected by industrial property rights.


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