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We build a sustainable future

The sustainability of buildings is now an indispensable requirement, since the ability to limit the environmental impact is linked to the quality of the architectural product and therefore to the quality and well-being of living.

Terracotta is a natural, durable, reusable, recyclable and timeless material.

  • NATURAL: obtained from clay, terracotta does not contain chemicals and does not release harmful substances.
  • DURABLE: it resists to atmospheric agents, frost and chemical agents.
  • REUSABLE: bent tiles and roof tiles, if installed with mechanical anchors (dry), can be reused on other roofs.
  • RECYCLABLE: bent tiles and roof tiles can be recycled to create road foundation, tennis courts, embellishment substrate for flowerbeds, hypodermic drainage to consolidate the slopes of roofs.

The ventilated roof with brick elements is the best solution for a sustainable roof. It is in harmony with the beauty and the architectural tradition that makes our country unique.


We believe in an environmentally sustainable industry where success must go hand in hand with respect for the environment; therefore sustainability involves all stages of the production chain.

During the entire production process, we developed a system for the collection and reuse of production scraps as by-products: from the processing water to the heat generated in some phases. An ecological quality that allows to limit the consumption of natural resources and reduce the environmental impact starting from the morphological and vegetational restoration of the quarries, to the controlled management of waste, the optimization of energy consumption and the reuse of process water.

The constant monitoring of the fluorides emitted by our factories allows us to remain 10% below of the limits imposed by the legislation. Our quarries have been re-developed, recomposed with local essences and made accessible to the community. Attention to quality, environmental sustainability and worker safety have allowed us to certify our systems and products.


We have obtained the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification, drawn up according to international standards (eg ISO 14025, EN 15804) for Portuguese tiles Unicoppo and Tesi portoghese tiles.

The EPD is a voluntary certification that analyzes the life cycle of the product and is based on an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) study that defines the consumption of resources (materials, water, energy) and the impact on the surrounding environment.

Compared to the minimum phases usually considered which include the extraction of raw materials, their transport and production (cradle to gate), we have also analyzed the energy consumption during use and, at the end of life, the environmental benefits and loads (cradle to grave) demonstrating the invincibility of the earth for the construction of sustainable buildings.


We offer a wide range of bent tiles and roof tiles certified according to the Minimum Environmental Criteria, mandatory in the public administration sector and increasingly in demand by the green economy.

Our CAM certified products have a content of recycled and / or recovered materials of at least the 5% on the weight of the cooked product.

Our certificates

14001-2015 ICMQ

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015
certification, all ISO 9001 and ISO 45001


Environmental Product Certification


Integrated Environmental Authorization


Minimum Environmental


For us, innovation and sustainability are two inseparable principles. This is the leitmotiv that led us to be among the protagonists of the European Life Herotile project.

The research, funded by the European Union, aimed to improve the energy performance of buildings through the development of a new tile capable to increase the roof ventilation.

Studies and researches led to the creation of Aerotile, the super performing ventilated roof tile, 300% more ventilated than a traditional Portoghese roof tile.


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