photovoltaic terracotta roof tile
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Photovoltaic roof tile: beauty and energy without compromise

Industrie Cotto Possagno unites the functional efficiency of a clay roof tile with modern photovoltaic technology, without changing its aesthetic aspect. The result is a product that possesses extraordinary features:

  • the properties of a thermal flywheel typical of earthenware are neither modified or altered, and the same goes for drainage channels;
  • the solution is obviously totally integrated with maximum benefits from the incentives of the new energy account system;
  • the installation of a diode by-pass makes the system exempt from problems created by mobile or unexpected shadows (trees, chimneys, antennas, leaves etc.);
  • the loss of the system installed up line from the inverter amounts to 4%, with respect to the pure values of yield of each module. This value is quite small, but is even further mitigated by connection with an extremely high yield SMA inverter (96%);
  • the channel of ventilation between the Photovoltaic cell and roof tile makes the system less susceptible to high summer temperatures (lower temperatures imply greater yield);
  • all strings can be monitored with wireless solutions thanks to the optional table display and in the event of drops in power due to a module failure, it is not necessary to replace it, thanks to the automatic self cut-off feature. Nevertheless, if you wish to proceed with replacement, the use of specialised personnel is not necessary, thanks to the rapid multi-contact inputs, which make the operation easy and rapid;
  •  last but not least is the advantage of being able to integrate the system with an existing roof, substituting only the square meters involved, without having to resort to further costly impermeabilization works around the perimeter;
  • it takes a surface area of about 18 mq to install a 1 kWp system.

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