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Extreme conditions are its natural environment.

Te.Si. Winter is the roof tile that obtained the German certification TÜV for North European  roofs. Highly suitable for the harsher winter climate, it has a resistance to frost at the highest level as stated by the strict standards of the German regulation. The roof tile Te.Si. Winter is moreoverstrong against water, thank to its impermeability, tested by TÜV as well.

Lasting and reliable. It is a fact: hard-wearing Te.Si. tiles last over time and they have earned a 30-year warranty. The evolution of the portuguese tiles that withstands ice, hail, heavy loads and is always successful.

Easy and quick. Thanks to the innovative design conceived to highlight the refinement of lines, these tiles can be laid in record time. It takes just 12 tiles per square metre to lay the entire roof quick and safely. Te.Si. can also be laid in horizontal and vertical rows, significantly saving time and minimising installation costs.

Safe. Te.Si. tiles have been designed taking every single detail into account: Interlocking edges guarantee enhanced water tightness and wider channels improve water draining.