Unicoppo Extra Winter
 Te.Si. Winter
 Ma.Xi.Ma. Winter
 Classic Portuguese
 Classic Marseille

The strength of deep innovation, worthy of note.

Efficient. Thanks to the greater thickness and larger size with respect to the average tiles found on the market, 10 pieces of Te.Ma.X per square metre are sufficien to lay a roof. This results in considerable savings in time, money and labour.

Safe. Te.Ma.X is tested twice: in the Industrie Cotto Possagno’s new production plants, every single tile is checked both manually and automatically, to guarantee absolute quality at all times.

Healthy. Like all other Industrie Cotto Possagno products, Te.Ma.X is transpiring and guarantees perfect aeration of the attic. This is an indispensable characteristic to ensure the maximum healthfulness of the roof.