Ma.Xi.Ma. Winter
 Unicoppo Extra Winter
 Te.Si. Winter
 Ma.Xi.Ma. Winter
 Classic Portuguese
 Classic Marseille

Born to remain at the centre of attention.

Elegant. Ma.Xi.Ma. is used to being admired by everyone. Its unmistakeable lines can enhance any architectural context. Classical beauty that is at once modern, outside normal patterns and beyond passing fashions.

Versatile. Ma.Xi.Ma. is the protagonist of any type of roof, but is at its best on modern “barrel” type roofs typical of industrial sheds and buildings with a new design concept.

Quick. Ma.Xi.Ma. snaps into place very easily and always comes up to the ridge line perfectly aligned, avoiding cutting of the last tile.

Flexible. Ma.Xi.Ma. can be adapted to fit all of the older spline or listel systems.